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Some facts about the ROT deduction for you who want to pay less

4 april 2021

ROT in Swedish stands for for repair, maintenance, rebuilding and extension. If you order a job in these areas, you can get a tax reduction on your annual tax at the Swedish Tax Agency, provided that all conditions are met. You can only get a tax reduction for labor costs and not for material or travel costs. The highest tax reduction you can get per person and year is SEK 50,000. The Swedish Tax Agency decides whether or not you can get a tax reduction based on how much tax you have already paid.

This is how it works in general: you order a job and when it is done, we who have done the job make a deduction for the labor cost on your invoice. So you pay less than you would have if the ROT deduction has not existed. We then apply for the difference, and if all conditions are met, the Swedish Tax Agency pays this difference to us and registers the ROT deduction in your tax record.

There are many conditions to keep in mind if you want to get a tax reduction. One of them is that you should own the property that you want to repair. By "property" the Swedish Tax Agency means three categories: detached houses, property in which you have the right to live and the flats where owner has full ownership rights. Read more about these property forms here. Some other conditions are e.g. that you live in the property full- or part-time, and you will never receive a ROT deduction if you want to build a completely new house. Special rules apply if your house is younger than 5 years, and so on. The Swedish Tax Agency only approves the work that is carried out inside the house itself or in direct connection to it. If you e.g. build walls around the plot, that does not entitle you to get a ROT deduction. A complete list of all the Swedish Tax Agency's requirements for obtaining a ROT deduction can be found on their website here.

Are you not sure if you can get a job done at a smaller cost and also pay less in annual tax, contact us and we will help you to find that out!


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